The Wellness Program

What do you appreciate about movement? Sometimes we are so focus on our jobs, kids, and our busy lives that we forget to enjoy movement. At Community Health and Rehab Centre our focus is on you and your body's movement. Joints are designed to move and when they don't not only do you hurt, but your joints begin to breakdown and remodel. This is as true for your knees and shoulders as it is for your neck and back. Your body is a mechanical system influenced by gravity, like any mechanical system (like a car), if not properly maintained it breaks down and no longer works. Pain, stiffness, and arthritis are not a normal part of the aging process. Your pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility and quality of life are due to altered structure and  mechanics. Our wellness programs are designed to keep all of your joints moving. This allows you to not only have less pain and disability, but a deeper quality of life. You CAN feel good and move aging, but you have to take the first step. Contact us today and ask about our wellness program.